Furry Hearts was born from the need for help for dogs in Cedar Co., MO where there are no shelters, rescues or humane societies. Dogs are often abandoned, dumped or killed because there is no place for them. Because it is a very rural area and foster homes and volunteers are difficult to find, networking the dogs to approved rescues where they can find good homes was the answer. So, 2 very determined women with a goal began to try to help. As their identities became known, the calls increased. They  provide medical care for those needing it, coordinate the placement of them in approved rescues all over the U.S. and help coordinate transport to the rescues. The effort has been successful in saving hundreds of dogs who otherwise would not have any help. They obtained their non profit status which hopefully will make it possible to help even more dogs. For now, they are helping to save the dogs from the El Dorado Springs and Stockton MO pounds and any others in the rural area needing them. The demand is increasing and the requests for assistance are coming from a wider and wider area. Furry Hearts is making a difference in lives because now the dogs in Cedar Co., MO, and any place beyond, have a voice.